I am a lake. Sitting perfectly still. I reflect all that’s around me.

When you see me, you see yourself. When you see me, you see the sky, the trees, the birds, the moon, and the sun.

On the surface, I appear calm and still. I sit. But within me, I carry the world. I carry life and death. I carry pain and joy. But I sit.

The world sits inside me. But I lay still. You look at me and you don’t see the world inside me but the world around you.

I carry the world inside me. But I sit still.

My Mind

My mind is constantly running. It’s overflowing with thoughts and worries and anxieties. The attic of my mind is filled with boxes, collecting dust. Boxes everywhere. It’s time to clean. It’s time to get rid of it. Get rid of it all. I want them all out. I want to be able to sit in the attic with nothing inside it. In fact, I want to get rid of the attic itself.

My mind is a waterfall. The current is strong. It takes and takes. It sweeps up everything. It does not forgive but it forgets. I’m drowning in the waterfall. I don’t want to drown and I don’t want to swim. I want to float. I want to float with the current without a care in the world. The waterfall must fall and come to an end. It knows that. It doesn’t want to. It fights it. I don’t want to fight it anymore, I want to flow with the current until the end. I want to float until it’s over, aware of the drop, the abyss, that is to come, but unbothered.


Rays of sunlight paint the sky

Images reflect in the eye

Balls of light

Sprinkle the night

Clouds swim in the vast blue

Drops of water, known as dew

Mountains sit around us all

Trees of wisdom, stand up tall

Cold, brisk wind hugs a wayfarer

Bolts of light, causes terror

Waves of the sea, slam onto shore

A loud plea of anger; the lion’s roar

Sun sets and the sky turns pink

Nature eases as the sun sinks


I want to meet death as an old friend

I know it’s coming, but I don’t know when

I think of it time and time again

Until I understand the importance of death

I will not understand, the importance of my breath

It has greeted my loved ones, and I was taken aback

Failing to realize, that I’m walking on that same track

It seems so surreal till it reaches you

But I must learn, that death is true


An empty canvas needing paint

A singing voice that is so faint

The entrepreneur afraid to create

An old man thinking he’s too late

Living in fear because of others hate

Society’s judgement is restricting them

Roses yearning to grow-but are stuck at the stem

Other’s voices, drowning out their own

Told they’re not a diamond-merely a stone

Creativity will set them free

Let them be, who they want to be

Teach them, that they’re a diamond and not a stone

Show them, their path may be different, because it’s their own

Finding their strengths because they’re unique

That’s when the creativity will be at its peak


Everything is temporary

No matter how necessary

It is both a blessing and a curse

Can only go forward, no reverse

You lose things and you gain things

And the pain of loss, will sting

Sometimes I can’t keep up with the pace

I feel like I’m walking and life is a race

Learning things as I go

I feel content when I know

That The Most High is consistent

Even if you choose to be resistant

So I plan life day-by-day

Paving the path as I walk away

Sa'aadat Hussain

I like to write poetry.

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